Street Talk TV produces 15 minute documentaries which reflect human experience and feelings on the issues and challenges of our time and society which are broadcast on Community Television and DSTV.

Street Talk is an innovative documentary series that presents uninhibited conversation between participants in discussion groups in a spontaneous way so that the viewer appears to sit in an empty chair in the circle, giving a sense of participation and involvement. Discussions are filmed in informal settings (shebeens, shacks, school classrooms, restaurants) which are both accessible to participants and situate the series in community settings. In 2010, Street Talk presented a new format in which the documentaries featured organisations and individuals who have a positive impact on their communities.
Season 11, Episode 47
Addiction Part 2 - Website
Season 11, Episode 46
Season 11, Episode 45
Season 11, Episode 44
Season 11, Episode 43
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Season 11, Episode 41
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Corruption is Killing Us - Website
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Changing Our World - Website
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Why Is Zuma Not In Jail_ - Website
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Academics During Lockdown - Website
Season 11, Episode 29
Healthcare Burnout - Website
Season 11, Episode 28

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