As a non-profit organisation, we depend on our many partners and are grateful for their support.

Cape Town TV (CTV)

In 2006, more than 200 non-profit organisations established CTV. It provides entertainment to communities across the city, while promoting human rights, social justice and cultural development. Millions of viewers watch Street Talk each week. CTV broadcasts on two free-to-air frequencies in Cape Town and is now available on DSTV’s Channel 263. Want to watch Street […]


1KZNTV is a community television channel that provides unique, quality programming through community and viewer engagement. This free-to-air station broadcasts throughout KwaZulu-Natal and airs nationwide via DSTV Channel 261. Check the schedule on Our Films Page.

Mpuma Kapa TV

Mpuma Kapa TV is a free-to-air community television channel that reaches 1.5 million viewers in Gqeberha and surrounding areas. It features local news, sport, youth, children, women’s issues, current affairs, education, music and local culture. The Channel is also available on DSTV Channel 260.


Steps is an international non-profit organisation that finds audiences for and facilitates discussions about good documentaries, including Street Talk. It enables global conversations to take place about the most important conversations of our time by fostering understanding through wide exposure of themes and debates.

The Claude Leon Foundation

This is a South African charitable trust, resulting from a bequest by Claude Leon (1884-1972).

Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS)

DCAS encourages excellence and inclusivity in order to unite people through sport and culture and to ensure a creative and active Western Cape.

Embassy of the United States

This Embassy supports South Africa through partnership programmes in a number of areas including health, education, economic development, agriculture, building democracy and helping to assure regional stability.

The National Lotteries Board (NLB)

The NLB regulates the National Lottery, other lotteries and promotional competitions. It advises the Minister of Trade and Industry on percentages of money to be allocated to various charities and organisations.

Take action

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