Since our first show in 2008, a lot has happened both in the world and at our office. It’s been a while since we’ve touched base with our audience and see how our films are being received. In true Street Talk-style, we wanted to see what the word was on the street. 

Whether you’re streaming, keeping up with us in the Daily Maverick, or a frequent community television viewer, you’ll know that Street Talk is always trying to bring relevant and engaging films to our viewers. In times like these, good entertainment is essential, but thought-provoking material is what will keep you stimulated through the lockdown. So, we thought to ourselves, “how do we keep on bringing the heat every week to Street Talk TV?” The answer: hearing from you! 

In a recent survey, we got to touch base with our viewers while they got the chance to win an R50 airtime voucher. Win-win, right?  

Here’s what we found, our audience wants: 

  • A platform to engage and share their thoughts about the film
  • See more professionals or experts in certain discussion
  • Interview more people about what affects the communities
  • More advertising

Well, here’s the good news. Now, you can submit your questions to our Whatsapp number  067 995 8545. Get those thoughts heard and join the discussion!

We’re working hard on bringing Street Talk to communities through the current pandemic, and we continue to keep you and our team safe with our Zoom Talks. As for more films with professionals, check out our latest film on corruption below. 


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