Season 7 Episode 18

Wed, 22 April 2020 7:30pm >Sat, 25 April 2020 7:30pm

“You know how it feels….when you walk into a family function….now you sitting with your cousins….you don’t feel like you’re a part of them…they make you feel small”

“I just go out and in and in and out…sometimes you can’t just crush on family, they also get tired”

“You know when you get out…the gangsters, they take you in like you the best thing…so that’s where people run to”

“Help I am Free”, is a Norwegian funded rehabilitation program working with inmates at the Pollsmoor Prison and uses the arts to assist prisoners coming to terms with their demons. In this episode we talk to seven inmates enrolled in the program who are simultaneously preparing the play “Making of a Criminal” in conjunction with ARTSCAPE in Cape Town. In this episode we find out about the stigma of being a convict, the difficulty of family connections while imprisoned and what they miss most about their lives before incarceration.

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