Season 1 Episode 32

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“…there are obvious power imbalances in just about every sphere of life…and I don’t like to demonise men…..but I do think that we do alter ourselves to fit into those male power structures and are very self conscious about how we appear to men in our behaviour, appearance and sexuality”

“we have to ask ourselves as mothers of sons, how are we raising our men? How are we teaching them to honour women? To relate to women, to fear women, to scorn women?…..we have a huge responsibility. It’s very easy to jump on a bandwagon and demonise men …we interact with men everyday, how are we doing this in a way that challenges our societies”

‘Open: An erotic anthology by South African women writers’ was published in 2008, we sat down with seven writers as they discuss their contributions to the book. The writers, some of them mothers, talk extensively on women’s sexuality, how it is defined in our society and the example they want to set for their own daughters and sons.

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