What is Street Talk TV without the streets? A large part of what we do here at Street Talk TV is to bring real stories from local communities to your screens. We go into people’s homes, work environments, social gatherings, but when this is taken away, what is left? 

There’s no denying that the coronavirus has left us all shook. A pandemic like this has turned everyone’s worlds upside down and has left more than one of us with a question mark above our heads. This is exactly how our team felt when we were told we couldn’t do what we love most – film, shoot, and edit. 

Although we’ve been missing our team, and meeting new and interesting people, we know how important it is to stay home. Keeping our friends and family is essential right now and we’re trying our best to keep our team safe. So, what was there for the Street Talk TV team to do? 

Well, first came the WhatsApp group. This was a great way to keep communication open for our team and for us to check in with one another. Then, came Zoom. Instead of the fun pub quiz nights that we’ve all seen on Instagram stories, our team got back to what we do best – strategising our next piece of content.

After our first Zoom meeting, one thing was clear: we were all keen to get back to work! That’s why we’re so excited to announce this new approach to Street Talk. It’s the same Street Talk TV that you know and love, but we’ve gone digital. Thanks to Zoom, we can now bring our show back to your screens and connect with interesting people from all over the country. 

One of the things that we’re most excited about is that with everything now being online, we’re no longer restricted to our location. Before Zoom, we were confined to filming in Cape Town as this is where our team is based. Now, we can touch base with people from any place at any time. 

Have something you want to share? Get in touch with us! Our team is busy getting together groups to cover people’s experiences living under lockdown. We want to hear about how your relationships have changed, if you’re struggling to see a silver lining, and how COVID-19 has seriously affected your lives. Let’s get the real #LockdownLowdown and start the conversation!

Don’t forget to catch our new episodes of Street Talk TV on Cape Town TV. We go live on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 19:30. You can also stream our videos here.