Street Stories Films was established by filmmakers and activists Shelley Barry, Richard Mills, Jo Menell and struggle icon, Barbara Masekela. The primary objective of the foundation is to use the medium of film/television to create a more tolerant and understanding society. Through storytelling, the foundation’s goal is to help highlight the realities of living in South Africa and spark conversations for change.

Street Stories Films is best known for its signature programme, Street Talk TV. Since 2008, Street Talk TV has been broadcasting on community television and online, bringing local community stories to international screens, all of which combine the art of filmmaking and activism.

One of Street Stories Films’ objectives is to train individuals in the skills needed for filmmaking. They are proud to be one of the recipients of the Presidential Employment Stimulus Package and will be starting a 3-month training programme. Starting April 19 in Nelson Mandela Bay, participants will have the chance to become masters of mobile phone content creation.

Director of Street Talk TV and co-founder of Street Stories Films, Richard Mills, elaborates on the soon-to-be-launched programme, “We are specifically targeting persons with disabilities, with a particular focus on youth, to benefit from this project.”

“Self-representation is vital for persons with disabilities who are often marginalized by mainstream media. By training digital content creators we are working towards countering invisibility and ensuring that the media landscape is more inclusive of all South Africans”, says Shelley Barry, co-founder and activist.

This programme is an opportunity for both Street Stories Films and its participants to excel in the art of filmmaking. By combining the passion for activism, showcasing important stories, and producing films that matter, the 3-month training programme is a once in a lifetime event.

Please see the application criteria below and apply by April 5th.

Criteria for participation:

  • Resident of Nelson Mandela Bay
  • Interest in a career in digital content creation
  • Valid matric certificate (preferable)
  • Currently unemployed
  • Basic literacy in mobile phone devices and applications (apps)
  • Experience in advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities in some capacity.

The application will require a CV, certified ID and a letter of motivation. Successful applicants will be notified by April 12th. Mobile phones and other equipment will be awarded to those selected.

For all queries please contact Shelley Barry [email protected] or Whatsapp: 0828511353