To end off an exciting year here at Street Talk TV, we had the privilege of being invited to work with the City of Cape Town to bring the men of Macassar our films. In the hopes to bring about awareness to gender-based violence during the famous 16 Days of Activism Campaign, this was an incredible opportunity for us to be a part of! 

Street Talk TV & the City of Cape Town

The workshop took place on the 29th of November with an estimate of 20 men from the Macassar community taking part. Joining us for the event was STEPS for the Future and guest speakers, Siyabonga Khalesi and Luyols Lengisi, from #LangaforMen. Together, we created a full day surrounding facilitation and how film can be used as a channel of communication. 

To begin the events, we started off with an ice breaker to get everyone geared up for the day. Bani stepped up to the plate and did what he does best – capture our attention with his fun and excitement. Once we all introduced ourselves, it was time for an introduction into what Street Talk TV does and how STEPS for the Future was going to drive facilitation into the day’s workshop. The team from #LangaforMen also spoke to the group of men about how gender-based violence affects their community and what initiatives they’re driving for greater social change. 

Aside from the occasional “phone call” break (read: smoke break), the group of men from Macassar were ready to learn and to see how they can bring an end to gender-based violence within their communities. However, the conversation kept going back to the need for government intervention with policies that keep abusers in jail. It was our goal to show these men that yes, we need stricter laws, but the best government policies come from within and start at home. 

Street Talk TV had the opportunity to screen 2 films during this workshop: Raising Boys and Why Men Abuse Women. Both films offered two necessary topics of debate – how do we support mothers who are raising boys to be better, and what can there be done about men abusing women? 

Between each film screening, Elaine, from STEPS, and Bani took the lead promoting productive discussions surrounding what the group just watched. First up, after watching Raising Boys, the group of men were separated into 3 smaller groups: the Happy Chappies, the Cowboys, and the Veterans. Each group was tasked with 2 questions from the film and they had to present their findings. 


Next up was Why Men Abuse Women. After screening this documentary, it was now the men’s turn to facilitate the sessions. In an effort to teach STEPS’ facilitation methodology, the goal was to demonstrate how film can offer a two-way communication channel and how these men can guide discussions at home or in their community. 


This was an incredible opportunity for Street Talk TV and we look forward to continuing working with the City of Cape Town in the future! A huge thank you goes to Victor Isaacs, councillor of Ward 109, and Sheryl Esau and her team.