Season 6 Episode 14


“UCT has been a very elitist, very white supremacist institution and exalting figures like Cecil John Rhodes just instills that message…we are trying to create a University environment that all students can find pride in”

“In many ways we’ve seen some degrees of diversity on campus but does that mean that we have cultural acceptance? Does that mean that we have social acceptance? Does it mean that all cultures, values, viewpoints and traditions are valued equally?”

Imperialist, colonialist and tyrant? For many, the legacy of Cecil John Rhodes conjures images of white supremacy and oppression, these are the sentiments shared by the UCT students campaigning for the removal of the statue of Cecil John Rhodes from their campus. But their vision for change far surpasses that of the mere removal of a symbol of past injustice. Ultimately, the students are seeking to escalate social and economic change across the sectors of their university becoming a model for much-needed change throughout the country.

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