Season 4 Episode 33

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“They are killing our people because of our race!  44 whites murdered by blacks every day! We are being targeted by the government and the President himself sings about killing boers with his machine gun!”

Red October, an all white Afrikaans protest movement is on the march. Ten thousand red balloons are unleashed into the skies over Cape Town as thousands of irate Afrikaaners, grannies, kids, farmers and businessmen take to the streets to give vent to their fear and anger.

After the demo a group explain how apartheid was really a true democracy and that what we have now is a black dictatorship hell- bent on eradicating the last white face from South Africa. Of course, none of these good folk consider themselves racists and one of them even confesses to sharing a chicken lunch with a black colleague after work!

How many other whites out there believe that their days are numbered and that S.A. is on the slippery slope towards becoming Zimbabwe?

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