Season 9 Episode 40

A group of Reclaim The City activists have occupied an empty building in Green Point.

” we are sick and tired of being used by politicians who whenever
there is an election promise us houses and pretend to care but in the
end do nothing ” Elizabeth Gqoboka

” We have to break the chain of eviction and lack of housing…. we
are doing this for the next generation and will go on occupying more
and more buildings….” Shaneeka Abdullah

” Reclaim the City is not just about occupation but also about evictions. ”
” Living in the city unites families, brings us closer to our workplaces, schools and healthcare…” Lindiwe Beyi

” Outside the inner city people are getting killed on a daily basis ”
” Why are we only good enough to take care of white people’s children but we can’t live near them ??” Elizabeth Gqoboka

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