Season 9 Episode 38

‘H’He was a man who was against white and black oppression, he wanted to build peace in our country, he was the man who gave us democracy’’ Nosipho Phungula

‘We don’t have much we can do if we have a problem with our presidency, it’s not like when Mandela was a president, everything now is about money.” Esther Zokwana

’The biggest mistake we have made as South Africans is to think that we can go to the polling station, cast our vote and come back in 5 years, and so when communities organise themselves and go to the streets we shouldn’t see it as what some people or the middle class would call as being disruptive, it’s about being active, they are trying to make their voices heard’ Lrma Aloven Titus

‘I feel we are not doing enough as individuals to continue the legacy that was created, we’re just waiting on our laurels for better days and some other saviour. There are only so many Madiba’s in history and we can’t expect another” Gavin Saal

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