Season 1 Episode 33

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“Nowadays boys…don’t believe in safe sex….whenever you want to have safe sex it means you are cheating or you have another boyfriend…but the thing is if you don’t practice safe sex there are consequences that are going to follow…the boys, what they intend to do whenever the consequences come up they always know that they’re going to run away….so as a girl you have the responsibility and the right to say something, you have to stand up for yourself”

“I have friends who talk about getting pregnant just because they want their boyfriends to stick to them, so girlfriends also preach about that saying, ‘Don’t use a condom”, so that you have a baby and so that your man will stick with you”

We sparked quite a heated debate when we gathered a group of students from Langa High. We asked them to talk about the pressures they now face from peers and boyfriends to become sexually active and how different the consequences and risks are for men and women in our society.

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