Season 1 Episode 4

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“Everybody got carried away with South African history and history being made and romanticism and one man…trying to save the world, but point being it was a short lived honey moon”

“We had the hope of democracy…the African National Congress it stood for change, relinquishing of poverty, rights for people and I don’t know what happened quite honestly because I don’t blame them for any of the corruption…What I do blame them for, the only thing, is that they did nothing for their own people. We didn’t get socialism, we didn’t get a fair deal for everybody and we have millions of unemployable, uneducated people who are hungry”

Jessica “a born again hooligan”, Kip a “retired” Brit, Stellenbosch based Roshen and Mark, recently returned from Australia, speak of their sense of alienation, their good deeds and affirmative action in South Africa.

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