Season 5 Episode 35

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“For me getting married….it protects me…its written down [that] I’m in a relationship with this person….as gay people we are experiencing that if your partner passes away the family will come and demand his stuff but we were in a relationship so we were sharing”

“…the question is how are you going to make a baby, because if you are in a relationship and you are not producing [people ask] why are you in a relationship…that’s the stereotype in communities…if you are not producing [it] is not a relationship”

“…everything that people understand about other people is based on this gender binary. The gender binary is saying…there are real men and there are real women”

To date, South Africa is the only country in Africa to legalize same-sex marriage. Despite this progressive development we remain locked into unchangeable and unmoving ideas about sexuality and gender. Five members of the LGBTI society exchange personal experience of same-sex marriage and confrontations with being legitimized, accepted, recognized. Their honest reflection forces us to consider: How much of what we believe about the world is self determined and how much of it comes to us preordained?


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