Season 2 Episode 6


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“….its another way to strip us of our dignity. How can you go and ask someone, ‘What do you do in bed?’…that’s to do with your dignity….the minute you want to get in there…you want to sit there and scrutinise….is that not stripping me of my dignity?”

“In terms of reporting the crimes, it is quite daunting to actually go to these institutions at times…you might be butch….you [then] need to satisfy [the] police officer’s curiosity….”You look like a man so how is it you got raped”….inappropriate things like that do happen and you’ll find that they’re reluctant to actually help you”

Being gay anywhere is not an easy existence, however, for many gay men and women the day-to-day discrimination they experience in the township environment is close to life threatening.  With hate speech, judgment and attacks on dignity being commonplace. These men and women share their experiences and their solutions to correcting the injustices.

Continued in Episode 07

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