“Vision without action is merely a dream…vision with action can change the world” – Joel A. Barker

After 6 years and over 200 episodes, we’re moving Street Talk from talking about the issues, to taking action; teaming up with our partner organisation STEPS to embark on an exciting collaborative project.

STEPS is a non-profit organisation that produces and distributes socially relevant documentary films to stimulate interest, educate, campaign and empower, and have developed their own methodology of facilitated screenings. The screenings are planned to reach specifically targeted audiences with a focus on stimulating discussion, and guiding audiences to identify social issues and solutions. And where best to do so than in schools.

Imperative to the process was STEPS Regional Training Coordinator, Elaine Maane, who equipped the Street Talk team with the skills and knowledge needed to stimulate discussion around the Street Talk film material.

From the very start we established clear objectives for our facilitated screenings in schools; we wanted to provide a platform for young people to express their views, and most importantly, to raise awareness about social challenges and inform young people about their rights and responsibilities – shifting young minds from a place of complacency to empowerment. Armed with new skills and clear objectives, we took to two high schools on the Cape Flats: Bellville South High and Langa High. The experience has been beyond fulfilling, an exciting avenue that has furthered our primary objective to encourage active citizenship for a better South Africa.

We would like to thank the teachers and principals of Bellville South High and Langa High for hosting us. And a very special thank you to STEPS Elaine Maane and Marianne Gysae for their invaluable contributions and support of our joint project.

Here are some images from our journey thus far.

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