Season 12, Episode 51

“Because I’m a pastor’s wife, I thought this thing (abuse) would not get to me.” – Desiree, Willowmore.

These three women from Willowmore tell us how difficult it is to overcome the long-lasting trauma that is caused by being abused. From marriages founded on rape to how their kids suffer, they go into detail about how this impacted their relationships later in life. Filled with self-doubt and fear these women found what it means to get back their self-respect and to love themselves again.

Facing GBV – Part 6 is the 6th part of a 6-part series highlighting South Africa’s “second pandemic”: gender-based violence. In conjunction with the 16-days of Activism campaign, Street Talk TV strives to highlight the truths behind domestic violence and crimes against women. Special thanks to the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives. (Filmed in 2022)