Season 9 Episode 43

Young community activists berate the culture of corruption in South Africa .

” The same people doing the same corrupt things over and over again…. I”d just rather not vote ” Riska

“It’s not just government officials and state enterprises, it’s a big network with the private sector and crime involved as well ” Tafadzwa

” When we talk about corruption and state capture, we are not just talking about Zuma – it happened way before him…. ” Zukiswa

” The Zondo Commission shows that corruption is a public/private sector partnership ” Dominic Brown

” Most corrupt government officials are not being brought to book…. the scandals make headlines for a few days and are gone, and they just get away with it ” Tafadzwa

” Corruption has become a culture in our society – why should I vote or pay taxes ?” Riska and Tafadzwa

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