Season 7 Episode 33


In October 2016, Cape Town’s very own Artscape Theater performed during a special outreach weekend in Clan William. They brought in performers ranging from ballerinas, to hip hop dancers and opera singers. Showcasing their talents to a captivated audience, these performers were given to opportunity to share their love for artistic expression with township locals. Facilitated by Marlene le Roux, this is a highly anticipated event for the community and a multitude of young and old come out for the show.

Every performer has a unique outlook and approach to creativity. Some have even overcome physical disabilities to become professional dancers and are an inspiration for those who are lucky enough to watch their talents unfold onstage. Sharing these insights with individuals from township communities is crucial and, unfortunately, a very rare occurrence. Emphasis on music, art and performance takes a backstage to act of moving through lives filled with poverty, violence and inequality.

Yet, there is merit in creative self-expression that offers a chance to transcend or work through emotions correlated to such experiences. Artscape Outreach has began to build this bridge.

These episodes features the show’s highlights including dance routines, musical solos and behind the scenes preparations. Additionally, we spoke to several of the performers and we hear their first hand opinions on what it means to be a part of Artscape Outreach.


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