Season 7 Episode 27

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“I think as an artist when you are writing songs,  you write your experience. What you’ve been through, how you got to this place, what happened before..”

Amidst Winelands of Stellenbosch where the primarily Afrikaan-speaking residents live in colonial style homes painted a blatant white, the bustling township of Kayamandi resides. Surrounded by wealth and luxury, Kayamandi, meaning “nice home” is anything but. Having changed relatively little since it’s establishment as a housing development for farmland workers during the apartheid area in South Africa, Kayamandi sticks out like the remnants of a fire pit smoking and crackling with life through the charred aesthetic.

As our artists say, Kayamandi is not the epicenter of the Cape Town music scene, however, it is still a hub for aspiring musicians and creatives. Music gives these individuals an escape from the harsh reality of township existence. The opportunity to transcend past experience through a productive outlet is therapeutic and the community that coagulates around musicians is a support system.

We are proud to share stories and thoughts from these local artists as well as showcase their craft.

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