Celebrating the Genius of Ordinary Citizens

We all have our light bulb moments, like the times when a simple conversation with a friend leads to a deeply profound conclusion. When in a moment of Van Wilder-esque brilliance you think to yourself, “I should write that down.”

This happens far too often in the Street Talk edit suite. Each time we film an episode, we are bowled over by the genius of ordinary citizens. We wanted to provide an outlet, a platform for these thought gems, something that would spark debate and encourage the sharing of knowledge and solutions. And so we present: A Word From the Street!

We’ve been inundating our social networks with this new concept – asking you to put a thought on it. We will be posting short clips (under 2 minutes) of the unscripted, unrehearsed and sometimes controversial things your fellow South Africans have to say about what is wrong, right and how to make things better for ourselves and for our communities.

We have been conditioned (misguided) into thinking that it takes an expert or someone in authority to come up with solutions. But we’ve all seen what authority is capable of – in the best and worst of ways.

The more we film South Africans, the clearer it becomes: All of us have something to contribute!

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