Guzzlers Pub Part 1

Season 1 Episode 19


Thu, 13 Feb 2014 5:00pm

“You want to take the Springbok emblem away and replace with the Protea….it was the national flower as oppose to the national animal under that Era any way so I mean, where are they going?”

“You have to remember that……your government used to be white…you had the Springboks, you had the flag, you had Apartheid….now your government is predominately black. They’re not trying to change anything, you don’t really have a revolution so everything is still fine, but you must know that the old flag represents Apartheid, the Springbok…..a lot of symbols and emblems represent Apartheid”

At a pub in a working class suburb 6 white South Africans discuss the pros and cons of the country since the end of Apartheid. Mid way, they’re joined by a straight talking black South African woman who introduces a new topic: Are changes really welcomed when those changes no longer serve the status quo?

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Film Credits

Director: Jo Menell

Camera/Editor: Richard Mills

Production Assistant: Holly Weitz

Special Thanks: Guzzlers


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