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Street Talk is the groundbreaking South African television series encouraging citizens to debate, discuss and express their views. From grassroots to the establishment, our engaging programmes expose the lived realities and uncensored views and solutions of ordinary South Africans.

Because we believe that South Africans are more alike than they think, we have committed to breaking down barriers born out of our past and present circumstances. The Street Talk methodology utilizes the dynamic of conversation, facilitating exciting, informative and sometimes controversial dialogue.

Each week, we air hard-hitting and inspiring stories that inform, educate and motivate our growing audience. We encourage active citizenship for a better South Africa.

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What is Street Talk TV without the streets? A large part of what we do here at Street Talk TV is to bring real stories from local communities to your screens. We go into people’s homes, work environments, social gatherings, but when this is taken away, what is left?  There’s ...
Art can take on various forms, ranging from an aesthetically pleasing spectacle to a possession of the wealthy, ...
Many people equate old age with relaxing at the beach and vacationing- they dream of the day that ...
Not In Whose Name?  Exploring Censorship in South Africa Because of the recent protests of the SABC’s new ...
BREAKING NEWS: Protests against Uber in Cape Town’s City Bowl As recently as a few hours ago, there ...
In approximately 1968, the apartheid regime shifted their focus from persecuting blacks to persecuting members of the LGBTQ ...
The silent, rolling hills of the Cape Peninsula engulf the buzzing community of Masiphumelele. Indeed, the landscape provides ...



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Some of the topics that we cover stir up emotions. If you are inspired to act from having seen one of our films, then download our take action manifesto

If you have an issue/story that you think needs to be told  get in touch with us.

We're all about #periodproblems in this week's film https://youtu.be/Ip3YFf-_xDk

Have an embarrassing period story? We share ours here https://youtu.be/38Q5hryWRfU

Everyone, meet Lonwabo 😎 One of our Enter the Frame participants and future 🔥 filmmakers.