Our Team

Wisaal Abrahams

Freelance Researcher

Wisaal was selected as a South African Youth Leader Representative at a UN MDG Conference in Utrecht Netherlands in 2010 and was a participant for the NGO SCORE’s 1V Team. Working as a freelance professional; she has worked for Penguin Films as an AD and for Kalahari Pictures as a Production Coordinator here in South Africa. In Sweden worked for GEST. She spoke as a guest speaker at Lovgardet’s Interconnected Conference about Community Art in April 2013 and also took part in the Gothenburg’s International Film Festival in 2013 and was the official photographer and Lighting Assistant for the Frame Festival 2013. Upon returning to SA, Wisaal took part in the 48-hour Film Competition as a writer and AD, where her team walked away with 7 nominations and 1 award. Currently Wisaal is studying part-time and freelancing in the industry. She enjoys nature and poetry.

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Other members of our team

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