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Banele Poni


Banele Poni was born in the Western Cape but his roots are in Butterworth. In 2010, while attending Bulumko Secondary in Khayelitsha he became an ‘Equalizer’ – an active member of Equal Education. Equal Education advocates for quality and equality in the South African education system.

In 2012, He became involved in documentary filmmaking via the Equal Education platform, where he received training and embarked on making his first documentary ‘Siwe’s Journey’ – exploring the challenges around sanitation in schools and communities in Khayelitsha.

In 2014, He started an internship with Equal Education becoming a Community leader and activist. He is ex student of Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking at Green Point Cape Town Banele is passionate about making films and dreams of being a key player in the South African Film Industry.

Now he is still working at Street Talk Stories where he is working as a/Editor/Camera/ Sound Tech/Researcher.He also worked for Steps the Future where he was an office assistant and co-facilitator. He is determined to provide a platform for the marginalised and voiceless members of our society. He specializes in cinematographer and editing.

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