Life Online

Season 5 Episode 30

Tue, 16 Dec 2014 10:00pm

“There are pros and cons to both sides for instance with the political articles and things [people] post about revolutions in Brazil….there’s also this whole rise of clicktivism that sort of makes you a passive activist, you read things but what good does it do…..what are you really doing about it besides liking things on Facebook”

“If I don’t go online I wont know what’s happening in the world because I don’t read newspapers, so going online and social media connects me to the world and to other people”

6 South African youths dissect what they deem the “Selfie-obsessed Generation”, they probe into society’s online dependency. How much of the world is real when all our information comes to us via a machine?

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Director: Jo Menell/ Richard Mills

Produced by: Street Talk Stories

Researcher: Thakirah Allie

Camera: Monde Matyumza

Sound: Thembela Dick

Editor: Lensa Bogale

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