Kalk Bay Fisherman

Season 1 Episode 35

Fri, 1 Aug 2014 7:30pm

“Its not an easy life on Kalk Bay harbour”

“….as a fisher wife….if you think about it, its actually quite scary cause you don’t know whether he’s coming back or not. And what do they come back with? Measly earnings, that will probably last for the week….the government should give the quotas to the people that need it…not people sitting in offices”

With new laws and restrictions in place, Cape Fishermen are finding it harder and harder to make a living, struggling to make due with measly earnings. At the Kalk Bay Harbour, fishermen tell of the personal impact government imposed fishing quotas have had on their families and economic standing.

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Film Credits

Director: Jo Menell

Camera/Editor: Richard Mills

Sound: Ndumiso Sibindlana

Special Thanks: Tanya

Kalk Bay Harbour



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