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Street Talk TV produces 15 minute documentaries which reflect human experience and feelings on the issues and challenges of our time and society which are broadcast on Community Television and DSTV.

Street Talk is an innovative documentary series that present uninhibited conversation between participants in discussion groups in a spontaneous way so that the viewer apperas to sit in an empty chair in the circle, giving a sense of participation and involvement. Discussions are filmed in informal settings (shebeens, shacks, school classrooms, restaurants) which are both accessible to participants and situate the series in community settings. In 2010, Street Talk presented a new format in which the documentaries featured organisations and individuals who have a positive impact on their communities.

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Bullying Part 2

Season 8 Episode 1

Wed, 24 May 2017 7:30pm 7:30 pm, Sat, 27 May 2017 7:30pm 7:30 pm

Relationship bullying refers to one partner in a relationship who bullies the other. Bullies feel so weak that they develop an overwhelming need to command and dominate, to compensate for how vulnerable they feel, This leads them to choose victims, especially spouses and lovers over whom they believe they can exert complete control. In often times the is a confusion between Love and Bullying.

Young school students from different backgrounds gather together to share their personal experiences, share their stories and views on bullying in Relationships.

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Generation For Change Dance

Season 6 Episode 39

Fri, 11 Dec 2015 12:00am


The youth of Vryground coming together trying to give back to their community by doing positive things like Dance, learning computer skills at Where Rainbows Meet NGO.

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A Street Stories Film



An intimate portrait of the brilliantly articulate, funny, defiant, complex, courageous, provocative, irrational, flamboyant, HIV positive, young, gay, and mixed race township personality – Shane St Claire. This is a biopic unlike any other; it is David Hockney-esque collage in its make up, where a multitude of clips make up the whole, a mosaic in film, with the viewer discovering the deepest parts of a life lived in extreme circumstances. Complex, intriguing, surprising, hilarious and highly emotive; the film will leave you deeply moved and marvelling at how Shane has managed to overcome enormous obstacles while living life on his own terms.
Shane will premiere on community television station, Cape Town TV, on Thursday, 25 June at 19:30. Cape Town TV is available on DSTV channel 263, or free-to-air channels 32 and 67.



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Masculinity and Femininity in the 21st Century

Season 5 Episode 36

Tue, 6 Jan 2015 10:00pm

“Being told you have to man up…be stronger, be harder, don’t cry…that’s very damaging to men”

“It’s a very privileged kind of mind set [to say] I don’t see race, I don’t see gender but when its such a significant part of your existence…just taking public transport and having to deal with street harassment. I’d love be to be able to exist in a world where its irrelevant that I’m a woman but that plays a significant part when I’m walking down the street by myself and I get cat called and intimidated or followed…definitely my gender plays a part in that”

We asked a group of South Africans from varied backgrounds to explore what gender means in the 21st Century. They cover the difference between sex and gender. Touching on gender assigned roles, identity politics, sexual identity and how a revolution is required in order to change deeply entrenched views about gender.


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Gay Marriage

Season 5 Episode 35

Thu, 1 Jan 2015 10:00pm

“For me getting married….it protects me…its written down [that] I’m in a relationship with this person….as gay people we are experiencing that if your partner passes away the family will come and demand his stuff but we were in a relationship so we were sharing”

“…the question is how are you going to make a baby, because if you are in a relationship and you are not producing [people ask] why are you in a relationship…that’s the stereotype in communities…if you are not producing [it] is not a relationship”

“…everything that people understand about other people is based on this gender binary. The gender binary is saying…there are real men and there are real women”

To date, South Africa is the only country in Africa to legalize same-sex marriage. Despite this progressive development we remain locked into unchangeable and unmoving ideas about sexuality and gender. Five members of the LGBTI society exchange personal experience of same-sex marriage and confrontations with being legitimized, accepted, recognized. Their honest reflection forces us to consider: How much of what we believe about the world is self determined and how much of it comes to us preordained?


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Botswana Legabibo Part 2

Season 5 Episode 32

Tue, 23 Dec 2014 10:00pm

“I don’t think the issue of leaving our parents dreams is unique to the gay community, I think its generally a problem….but its gets more problematic within gay communities”

“…gay is my orientation and not my identity…I’m a lot of other things more than just gay….people will like you and some won’t, people will accept you, some won’t…but the most important thing is realising being gay is just one of those things…there’s more to life than being gay”

In part two of Botswana Legabibo, the group go into just how complicated family dynamics can become when disclosing your sexual orientation. They also delve into issues of identity; asking, ‘Does being gay make you a second rate citizen? They conclude that sexual orientation is but one aspect in an entire spectrum that comprises the individual.

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Botswana Legabibo Part 1

Season 5 Episode 26

Tue, 2 Dec 2014 10:00pm

“In Botswana being gay is not a criminal offense, but the sexual practice, same sex sexual conduct is criminalised….but it’s not gay people who want their lives to be out in the open, it’s the law yanking their lives from the privacy of their home into the public platform because now the personal has become political”

“What does my body have to do with the rest of the country, what I do with my body should not be an issue of national debate “

We teamed up with LEGABIBO, Botswana’s primary LGBT rights organization and filmed an impactful conversation on the current stance of Gay rights in Botswana. They also disclose their own personal experiences of being gay in a society which has not only rejected homosexuality but that has also criminalised it.


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Cross Dressers

Season 4 Episode 34

Sat, 14 Dec 2013 5:00pm

A group of young men who dress up as women speak candidly about their lives in the small Karoo town of Pearston. Dating, sexual preferences, prejudice and socializing.


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Transgender Sex Workers

Season 3 Episode 36


Taking a journey into the world of transgender sex workers. This film explores how these women come ‘out’ to their families, how they deal with stigma, the challenges of being a sex worker and the support they get from each other as a community.

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Ithemba Lam

Season 3 Episode 31


Ithemba Lam is a shelter for gays and transgenders who have been disowned by their families and shunned by their friends.

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HIV/AIDS & Homosexuality

Season 2 Episode 26



Continuation of episode 25. The group talk about AIDS, safe sex and what constitutes responsible behaviour.

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Homosexual Stereotypes

Season 2 Episode 25


Continuation of episode 20. Young gay decry stereotypic attitudes towards gays, Islam and talk about gay marriage and parenting.

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Gay Pride 2011

Season 2 Episode 26


The Cape Town Gay Pride Parade seen through the eyes of Glynn Alard, a proudly gay nature conservationist.

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Gay Guys

Season 2 Episode 20



Young gay men tell stories of the kind of prejudice and discrimination they encounter in their everyday lives.

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Gay in Gugs Part 2

Season 2 Episode 7

Mon, 10 Nov 2014 7:30pm

A group of young men and women from Gugulethu talk about the challenges of living ‘out’ in their community. Continued from Episode 06.

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Gay in Gugs Pt 1

Season 2 Episode 6


Sat, 8 Nov 2014 7:30pm

“….its another way to strip us of our dignity. How can you go and ask someone, ‘What do you do in bed?’…that’s to do with your dignity….the minute you want to get in there…you want to sit there and scrutinise….is that not stripping me of my dignity?”

“In terms of reporting the crimes, it is quite daunting to actually go to these institutions at times…you might be butch….you [then] need to satisfy [the] police officer’s curiosity….”You look like a man so how is it you got raped”….inappropriate things like that do happen and you’ll find that they’re reluctant to actually help you”

Being gay anywhere is not an easy existence, however, for many gay men and women the day-to-day discrimination they experience in the township environment is close to life threatening.  With hate speech, judgment and attacks on dignity being commonplace. These men and women share their experiences and their solutions to correcting the injustices.

Continued in Episode 07

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Gay Men

Season 1 Episode 51

Wed, 1 Oct 2014 7:30pm

Over an intimate dinner in the Cape Quarter, a group of gays talk about love, fidelity and marriage.

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Gay and Proud of it!

Season 1 Episode 12

Fri, 31 Mar 2017 12:00am


A braai with a bunch of racially mixed dykes. The ” D” word is OK with them because as proud lesbians they have taken ownership of it. With searing frankness they let it all hang out discussing who does what to whom, bisexuality, jealously and parental disapproval. A truly educational conversation.

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