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Street Talk is the groundbreaking South African television series encouraging citizens to debate, discuss and express their views. From grassroots to the establishment, our engaging programmes expose the lived realities and uncensored views and solutions of ordinary South Africans.

Because we believe that South Africans are more alike than they think, we have committed to breaking down barriers born out of our past and present circumstances. The Street Talk methodology utilizes the dynamic of conversation, facilitating exciting, informative and sometimes controversial dialogue.

Each week, we air hard-hitting and inspiring stories that inform, educate and motivate our growing audience. We encourage active citizenship for a better South Africa.

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Artscape Outreach In Worcester

On October 19th, ARTSCAPE, Cape Town’s no 1 centre of arts and culture,went to Worcester on its annual cultural outreach to the rural areas of the Western Cape. Spearheaded by Marlene Le Roux, arts director, Artscape took some of its finest performances in music, dance and ballet for a two day...


On the 15 of  October  hundreds of gogos and young women joined hands in a protest in front of St. G...

Fees Must Fall

Student Protests in Cape Town For a week the universities of the Western Cape and the rest of the  c...

Heideveld High, Y2K College and Vista High: The Scalabrini Screening

This past Friday, 21 August, Street Talk in collaboration with STEPS, together with NGO Scalabrini,...

Vrygrond – Where Rainbows Meet

Vrygrond is a multi-cultural community where the vast majority of its members are unemployed and liv...

From Talk to Action

“Vision without action is merely a dream…vision with action can change the world”...

Gearing Up for Women’s Month

In August we celebrate the strength and courage of the thousands of South African women who marched...

What's on this week


(DSTV Channel 263)

In quest for Land

Season 7 Episode 5

Wed, 27 Apr 2016 7:30pm

Born frees

Season 7 Episode 6

Wed, 4 May 2016 7:30pm

Women on Abuse

Season 7 Episode 4

Wed, 20 Apr 2016 7:30pm

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“Yes I have lived with domestic violence, a beautiful mother and a beautiful father but a weakness that got expressed via my father in beating my mother”.

“That is not to say I have not  experienced as a young women incredible levels of abuse, which is endemic, in other words it is so much part of our worlds not just here locally on the Cape Flats, but everywhere in the world. It is planetary”.

These women unpack the experiences of  abuse they encountered with; their partners , members of their immediate families and other people in their communities.


Brutality towards Rastas

Season 7 Episode 3

Tue, 12 Apr 2016 7:30pm


Bay TV

(DSTV Channel 260)

Media, Racism and Safe Sex

Season 1 Episode 2


Thu, 21 Apr 2016 7:15pm

“…..when you watch anything from South Africa its 16 die in whatever robbery, and in the media you always hear South Africa’s a ship going down with no lights because of Eskom. Its all the negative stuff, you never hear about the kid who saved the old man drowning….when it’s the bad things they know the paper’s gonna sell”

Teens are hardly ever noted for their wisdom, but there are exceptions to every rule. Meet these 9 students from Camps Bay High School in Cape Town. They share their profound insights on Media and its influence, racism and the Apartheid legacy and their feelings about growing up in a country in transition.

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Sizwe’s Friends discuss Racism in Khayelitsha

Season 1 Episode 1

Thu, 21 Apr 2016 7:00pm

“Everyone here knows crime….everyday someone gets robbed….crime does not start here in our community, its starts in Parliament, they also commit crime”

“Pregnancy’s a competition here….because of this grant money…..they don’t spend it on their children, they spend it on alcohol”

From crime and corruption, to pregnancy and grant money defrauding, young people from Site B, Khayelitsha talk about life as they know it. Speaking from the township perspective, they reflect on the present whilst dreaming of future success.

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(DSTV Channel 261)

Sex Talk – Coming soon

Sex Talk


Sex Talk our new studio based series coming soon …

A fun, frank and entertaining weekly television talk show, hosted by Kgomotso Matsunyane, will give South Africans from all walks of life the opportunity to talk about sex and sexuality.

By lifting the veil of secrecy that surrounds the subject of sex we help individuals feel more comfortable with sex and their sexuality, promoting empowering choices, and we help communities deal with the complex social issues surrounding sexual abuse. Sex education campaigns are almost entirely focused on the prevention of disease or pregnancy. Sex talk, on the other hand, offers a positive and empowering context to sex and sexuality through very real and candid conversations with people from all walks of life. Talking about sex in a real and candid way has become vital to changing this reality. That’s why sex talk is so important for South Africa. And we invite you to help us get the conversation going.

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